National Safety Security Protection Association.

We are a  501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission to keep our nation’s K-12 schools safe by providing education, information, research, accreditation, and guidance  to our communities. The NSSPA utilizes a diverse group of experts and professionals from across the nation to help the public prevent, mitigate, prepare, and respond to, and recover from, emergencies primarily in a K-12 environment.

According to 2016 data, there are 131,390 private and public schools in the United States,
with 56 million students and 8 million staff members. 
The NSSPA is here for each and every one of you. 

Subject Matter Experts.

NSSPA members come from diverse professional backgrounds including Education, Law Enforcement, Architecture, Engineering, Facilities, Federal Government, Military, Mental Health, Fire/EMS, and the Private Sector. Our experience covers all threats of harm in the K-12 setting.

Professional Development

We offer various events that help educate and inform the user regarding safety & security in our schools.  Contact us today to learn more about our educational offerings. 

Become NSSPA Accredited

The NSSPA currently offers accreditation in the fields of K-12 Active Shooter Training & K-12 Security Vulnerability Assessments. We can also provided testing to many security related products including Security Film & Glass. By allowing our experts to review your programs or products, you can have our backing and ensure schools are receiving quality and safety.   

Steve Zaferakis
President, NSSPA

A Message From Our President

Thank you for stopping by our page. I am honored to be selected by my peers to serve as the NSSPA President. We have many dedicated professionals helping to build upon and expand our mission, and we are always looking for more. I thank each and every one of our members for taking time away from your families and careers. Your passion, spirit and energy for keeping our communities safe helps makes this a successful organization. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish in 2022. 

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A life opening is the way in which an attacker accesses a space that contains human life. This includes the doorway, handle, lock, hinges, frame, glass/vision lite, and any side windows or adjoining glass. In the police/military world life openings are called fatal funnels.

In the news...

Following the attack on the Capital Building on January 6th, 2021, we have received many inquires about the effectiveness of window film in preventing, deterring, or slowing down an attack. In a brief video shot on the exterior of the building, we see an individual gaining quick access through a window containing safety film. There is a huge difference between safety film and security film. 

Safety Film vs. Security Film

Safety Film provides for the reduction of risk or the occurrence of injury, loss, or death from accidental or natural causes. 
Safety Film is designed to protect people from flying shards of glass if the the glass is broken. 
Safety Film is not designed to withstand an attacker with a gun. 

Security Film provides for the reduction of the risk or occurrence of injury, loss, or death from the intentional actions of man.  
Security Film is designed for anti-intrusion and will substantially delay and/or prevent the entrance of an intruder.
Security Film will give more time for people to get to safety and for emergency teams to arrive. 


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