National Safety Security
Protection Association

We are a  501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission to keep our nation’s K-12 schools safe by providing education, information, research, accreditation, and guidance  to our communities. The NSSPA utilizes a diverse group of experts and professionals from across the nation to help the public prevent, mitigate, prepare, and respond to, and recover from emergencies primarily in a K-12 environment.

the nsspa

     The National Safety and Security Protection Association (NSSPA) Inc. is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit with the mission to help our nation prevent, prepare, respond, mitigate, and recover from emergencies. Created in 2019, the NSSPA has put an emphasis K-12 schools.
     Prior to the pandemic, and in a very short period, we saw numerous accomplishments including hosting educational summits on school security, conducting extensive research on school security, providing recommendations to numerous state legislative teams, developing accreditation standards for active shooter training and security vulnerability assessments, publishing numerous studies, creating definitions, and developing our website.
     Our team of subject matter experts in active shooter, physical security, counter terrorism, building codes, architecture, education, psychology, engineering, and security technology each played an important role over the past two years, and we hope your experience and passion can contribute to our mission and success.


– 100% Volunteer
– Project teams focused on specific areas (Accreditation, Assessments, Communications, Physical Security, Prevention, Research, Training)
– Members work remotely at their own pace and on their schedules
– Annual elections for leadership teams

At the NSSPA, we like to keep things simple. We understand that joining a professional association requires time from your families, careers, or other volunteer efforts. Our organization allows project teams to work on their own schedules on topics they are passionate about.

Current Projects

– Study: School Shooting and Active Shooters in K-12 Schools from 1970-2021
– Assisting state agencies develop physical security standards
– Technical Papers: Security Glass and Security Film, How Attackers Enter, Life Openings During Attacks on Schools
– Public survey on school violence
– Creating a scholarship program for survivors of school violence