accreditation programs

Approved NSSPA K-12 Active Shooter Training 

Active shooter training is an important tool in prevention, mitigation, and response for all staff in a K-12 environment.
The diverse experts at the NSSPA recognize the needs for schools to provide safe and appropriate training to all staff members, and to a different degree, parents and students. We can evaluate your K-12 Active Shooter Training Program(s) and provide certification that will attest to the content, effectiveness and safety. 
Becoming an NSSPA approved K-12 Active Shooter Training provider will help ensure schools are receiving an appropriate program meant to reduce fear and anxiety, while empowering the user to save lives. Programs we can certify:
  • Active Shooter Training for K-12 Teachers, Administration, Substitutes, Support Staff
  • Active Shooter Training for Bus Drivers, Attendants, Transportation officials.
  • Active Shooter Training for Building Greeters

Approved NSSPA K-12 Security Vulnerability Assessments 

A comprehensive school security assessment should inform and guide the creation or revision of school safety plans, and ensures that plans and subsequent actions align to five critical hazard areas: Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery. It is often the first step in developing a comprehensive security plan and should be the first step before selecting security solutions. Conducting a targeted attack risk assessment can help schools understand their current situation, prioritize their future actions, identify and compare options, and effectively allocate resources.  
Becoming an NSSPA approved Security Vulnerability Assessment ensures you are providing quality solutions that are vetted by subject matter experts.