National Safety Security Educational Summit

NSSPA’s Educational Summit is a one day training event that will bring executive(s) from school districts and architect firms to the center of excellence in Syracuse, NY for an educational summit on how to protect your schools against a violent attacker. The NSSPA is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization that utilizes Subject Matter Experts in Active Shooter, physical security, counter terrorism, building codes, doors, hardware, glass, school administration, fire codes, architecture, engineering, security technology and integration. 

What does this summit include?

  • Travel Expenses
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Meals & Cocktail Hour
  • Training

Some included training topics are...


What is a lockdown? Lockdown vs lockdown drill, and lockdown vs secure in place.

AIA Presentation

8 Minutes - Using Shooter Attack Glass & Film to slow down an attacker.

Security Assessments

How to conduct & implement a security assessment.

Understanding the Hardware

Understanding different Security Glass & Films. Understanding 3 Part Specifications.

Active Shooter Training Review

Take a look at what goes into Active Shooter Training.

Live Demo

Live Demo of the UL Observed Shooter Attack test method.