We evaluated 28 school shootings in 2020. These incidents occurred during school hours or a school sponsored event, on school property,
and involved a firearm.

Killed: 3
Injured: 9

Elementary School: 25%
Middle School: 11%
High School: 43%
K-12: 4%
Bus: 14%
Other: 3%



Location Type 
Classroom: 11%
Playground: 7%
Parking Lot: 18%
Office: 3%
Gymnasium: 8%
Front of School: 14%
Outside of School, other: 21%
Inside of School, other: 4%
School Bus: 14%

Time of Day
After Classes: 29%
Dismissal: 18%
Lunch: 7%
Morning Classes: 25%
Start of the Day: 7%
After School Hours: 11%
Schools went into Lockdown: 40%

Source: Riedman, David, and Desmond O’Neill. “CHDS – K-12 School Shooting Database.” Center for Homeland Defense and Security www.chds.us/ssdb
Incident durations not included in the source material was further researched by the NSSPA. The duration of the incidents studied are an approximation based upon individual analysis and research.

January 8, 2020. Glades Central Community High School. Unidentified person accidentally shot themselves in the leg in the school parking lot.
January 11, 2020. Dallas Independent School District. 15YOM shot 18-year-old during basketball game at field house. Police officer also injured. 
January 14, 2020. Bellaire High School.  16YOM student shot 19YOM student in the chest inside the school then fled the area. 4 students were inside the room.
January 17, 2020. Three Fires Elementary School. Parent was waiting in vehicle in the school parking lot for child. Adjusted gun and shot himself in the leg.
January 23, 2020. McAuliffe Elementary School. A 9 year-old student on the playground was struck by a stray bullet from a nearby car-to-car shooting.
January 28, 2020. Martin Van Buren High School. 16YOM student accidentally shot himself in the leg during a fight outside of the school.
January 28, 2020. Lufkin Middle School. 17YOM shot outside of basketball game in front of the school. Four police officers on site responded and treated him. 
January 31, 2020. Deer Valley High School. 15YOM shot and killed a student outside of a basketball game at the high school. 

February 5, 2020. Second Start Alternative High School. A 17YOM student shot at a school employee, missed, and then he killed himself inside a classroom.
February 12, 2020. Johnson-Wabash Elementary School. Parent forced entry onto school bus and pointed gun at students while threatening to shoot them.
February 21, 2020. Cesar Chavez Community School. Multiple shots fired from one vehicle at another vehicle struck the occupied school building.

March 2, 2020. North Forney High School. Student accidentally fired handgun inside school. Police said there was no intent to harm or threat made.
March 5, 2020. Sagemont School. School security officer was showing off gun and accidentally shot another school employee in the eye. 
March 10, 2020. Shenango Area Schools. Adult male fired shot breaking two windows of school van with elementary school students aboard. 
March 13. 2020. Pine View Elementary. SRO discharged firearm inside his office inside the elementary school. No students in school at the time. 

September 10, 2020. St. Francis DeSales High School. School bus with 3 students was struck by 2 rounds fired from a vehicle (bus was not the target).
September 14, 2020. Peoria Public Schools. School bus was hit by shot fired during drive-by. Bus driver, aid, and one student were on the bus.
September 17, 2020. Ellet High School. Two men were injured after shots were fired during an argument. Occurred during a football game on campus. 
September 24, 2020. Walt Hanline Middle School. One bullet struck a classroom wall and hit the classroom ceiling while a teach was in a zoom class session.
September 30, 2020. Dymally High School. Two men were shot in front of the school while students and staff were in the building. 

October 5, 2020. KIPP Delta Elementary School. Two men shot during domestic dispute in front of school during dismissal. Students forced to run back in. 
October 9, 2020. Jean Ribault High School. A student shot another student in the arm in or behind the school fieldhouse building. SRO responded. 
October 12, 2020. North Dallas High School. Shots were fired during a dispute between two adult men in the school parking lot. 
October 14, 2020. Washington Elementary School. Shots from drive-by shooting struck occupied school building.

November 6, 2020. Khalsa Montessori Charter School. 73YOM fired multiple shot at vehicles parked in the school parking lot during a standoff with police.
November 13, 2020. Lincoln Elementary School. A 6 year-old student on the playground was shot in the jaw by a bullet fired from a long distance.
November 17, 2020. Weatherford High School. Teen with handgun shot himself when confronted by the school SRO. 
November 25, 2020. Hendersonville Middle School. 13YOM student pulled a gun out of his backpack and fired a single shot at a female student in the gym.